The Rebel Entrepreneur

Create a business being you!

Is your job frustrating you? Are you tired of giving so much of yourself at your work without the desired rewards? 

Have you thought about  starting your own business? 

You know you have a lot to offer to the world and you are driven to make an impact, not just for you but for yourself and perhaps even your family. 

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Building a Business being you doesn't have to be complicated! 

Your Vision Matters 

Creating a business on your vision will have you stay the course.

Get Clear on who you serve

You already know about your ideal client, and I will show you how!

Necessary Strategies

Keep your business legal and get to know the basics of your business online. 

Goal Setting and Planning

Use your vision to help you tune into your goals and plan them attuned on how you want to feel. 

Content Development

How to develop and plan your content for your business such as services you will offer, blog posts and social media! 

Pricing your Services

There's no right or wrong way but there is your way to figure out your own pricing. 

I created the Rebel Entrepreneur to be the DIY solution for creatives, dreamers and well rebels of course, who don't have thousands of dollars to hire someone.

I want you to imagine for a moment …

  • Waking up in a way that feels good to you and knowing you are about to do the work you are truly called to do 
  • Feeling confident in your skills and abilities to help and support people the only way you know how 
  • Having a business that supports you and your life versus a life that supports your business


Not only that but can you imagine how many other things you could actually do when you are not tied to a job?

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Hi! I am Petra Monaco Partner to one of the most solid, hard-working man I know, mom to three boys who continue to keep me on my toes even though they are adults or heading into that direction. 

I am fueled by coffee and always listening to my intuition. 

I'm an artist and spend my free time either writing, wood-burning, coloring and when I am not doing any of that, I may be playing soccer. I want you to have a life that feels amazing and follow your dreams.

And I have been in business for 15 years - from handmade business to coaching, mentoring and writing! 

Petra Monaco


Whether you have been dreaming and scheming about the business of your dreams … or you've been searching for all the answers to get you started, I'll share what I've learned the past few years building my own business. 

And you don't have to have a prestige business degree to make it happen. I believe anyone can start a business doing what they love with the tools and resources that are no fluff and straight to the point. And that's why I made this course! 

Easy to Use

Content is broken down into small chunks and video lessons. 


Courses are viewable on screens of all shapes and sizes.


Access your training anywhere at any time.


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Your Vision and Impact

It's all about you

Who are your people?

What are you going to offer?

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Find answers and general information quickly about this course.

If you have never had a business but want to, then this course is for you! It's helping you get started to become your own boss, your way. 

I wanted to provide an affordable option to help you get started on your journey of entrepreneurship! 

If you are looking for a way to get rich quick, this isn't it. Building a business takes time and requires consistent actions. 

Whenever you're ready, it's ready for you 

You're one decision away! 

Rebel Entrepreneur

Learn how you can start your service based business according to your terms.


Mentoring & Support

The Course, Six 30-minute Coaching Calls, 12 Weeks Accountability through Slack Channel


This course is for you if, 


  • You love to start a service-based business and play on your strength
  • You want to learn how to create a business being you
  • You want to feel proud about having a life that creates impact - in yours and your clients


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