You can feel confident, set boundaries and create the life you want

Do you want to set clearer boundaries and honor who you are?

Do you also wish you had a little bit more confidence expressing yourself and your boundaries?

You are often feeling too tired, overwhelmed and feel like you can't get time for yourself, but you don't even know where to begin.

As a recovering co-dependent introvert, I get this because saying No feels wrong but so does overcommitting yourself to everyone else's needs but your own.

Not only that, you would love to have some time to recharge, nurture yourself and solve your problems with ease.

Let's face it, being an introvert in a noisy world is challenging and you know it's time for you to start protecting your energy so you can be your best self.

Think about it,

  • Wouldn't it be great if you know exactly what your boundaries were
  • You could say no without feeling guilty
  • Have an effective plan for your day or week, so you can be your best self
  • Solve your problems with a simple process to reduce overwhelm


Imagine how much better you will feel when you start honoring you and gain the respect from the people around you because you are clear on where you needs are and you make yourself a priority!

It's challenging learning how to say no… or how to feel confident doing so without guilt.

This is why I have created the introverts tool kit!


This is for you, if:

  • You are an introvert struggling with boundaries
  • You want to learn how to say now without the guilt
  • You want to feel confident in more than one area of your life


The tool kit includes


  • Boundaries Create Freedom
  • The power of Saying No
  • Confidence Training Video
  • Effective Planning
  • Problem Solving


And as a bonus you will receive

  • 28-Day Exploration of Nurturing Yourself
  • The Rebels Guide journal and planner


I've created this kit because I know how challenging it can be to honor your boundaries and say no to the things that drag you down.

You can get the introverts tool kit for $37.

You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours after payment is received! 

Hi! I am Petra Monaco,

Partner to of the most solid, hard-working man I know, mom to three boys who continue to keep me on my toes even though they are adults or heading into that direction.

I am fueled by coffee and always listening to my intuition.

I'm an artist and spend my free time either writing, wood-burning, coloring and when I am not doing any of that, I may be playing soccer.

I want you to have a life that feels amazing and follow your dreams.

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