You have words to share with the world, it's time to stop keeping them all to yourself!

Have you been dreaming about being a published author?

Do your dreams run wild with you and you wish you could share all this with the world?

You know you are meant to write because you have a message to share, but you are spinning your wheels on how to get started. Been there, done that! A blank page can feel intimidating, and so can the process of publishing your book.

You have a few possibilities but no clear direction and it's keeping you stuck in the mud.

Writing a book can be challenging enough without having to worry how to share it with the world and spreading your message. It's time to take the mystery out of the book writing and publishing process and give you my own step-by-step framework for how I write books and get them published with ease.

If you're ready to sit down, write that book and stop saying "one day I will", then I have something just for you!

Think about it.…

  • You sitting at your desk hammering away at the keyboard and the words are spilling onto the page.
  • You design the cover and back page and get it ready for publishing
  • You are a published author who decided to follow their nudge to share their message


It's such an incredible feeling to see your name under the book title, and you can do this over and over again.

It can be challenging to know exactly where to start and I am sharing with you, how I have published my books and keep doing so.

You don't have to go the route of traditional publishing, if you don't want to!

If you are called to writing, I believe it is your duty to yourself and the world to … well sit down and write.

You have a message to share that needs to be heard… and that is why I made this course!

This course if for you, if:

  • You rather go the self-publishing route of your book
  • Want to learn a process of how to write a book
  • You want to take the guess work out of the whole process


In this course you will

  • Define your topic and set a goal to write it
  • Market your book beyond family and friends
  • Learn process to edit and proof-read
  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to publish your book on Amazon


Bonus for this course

  • Goal Setting for Creatives
  • Confidence Training
  • Kindle Publishing Course


I created this course to be DIY for creatives who are ready to unleash their words into this world.

You can get started TODAY for just one payment of 97.00! 

You will receive access to the Bonuses within 24 hours after payment is received! 

Hi! I am Petra Monaco Partner to one of the most solid, hard-working man I know, mom to three boys who continue to keep me on my toes even though they are adults or heading into that direction.

I am fueled by coffee and always listening to my intuition.

I'm an artist and spend my free time either writing, wood-burning, coloring and when I am not doing any of that, I may be playing soccer.

I want you to have a life that feels amazing and follow your dreams.

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