Self-care is not selfish and it's time that you put yourself first!

Are you struggling with nurturing yourself? Do you wish you knew what self-care activities help you recharge? 

You probably wondered more often than not on how you can recharge and take care of yourself without losing your mind. 

If you're feeling tired and cranky I think you'll love this 28-day challenge from a mom who has three boys and faced chaos head on without much time for herself. 

When you're about to crash and burn, being a partner or mother isn't a lot of fun because you haven't had the opportunity to recharge your own battery. 

And it's time that you are putting yourself first! 

In this 28-Day Challenge, you will uncover hat activities support you and how you can engage in them more throughout the week so that you can be your best self. 

After taking this challenge you will feel relieved knowing how you can recharge and be in control of your own self-care. 

Because if you don't, who will? 

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