If you are not sharing your art, no one knows how awesome you are!

Are you an artist who struggles to start their own business selling your work? 

You've seen other artists sell their work and you've wondered how you could start making money from your own art. 

if you're frustrated and overwhelmed with knowing where to begin, I think you will love this course from a creative rebel who once struggled very much like you. 

When you're facing the question of whether you should start a business or stop while you're ahead, it's easy to give up before you even got started. 

That's why I offer this course for creatives ready to take the plunge in starting their own business. 

I started selling my art in 2005, after giving away my work for 15 years. I had convinced myself that I couldn't make money this way. 

And I am happy to report that I was wrong! 

You can start your art business right here, right now! 

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  • The Art Entrepreneur
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    Learn how to get your art business off the ground!
    Your are one decision away!
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